A Porsche A Decade

February 2, 2022

Porsche is for the tasteful, the commendable and the creative. The shape rarely changes to great significance, yet each and every model tells a completely different story and portrays a completely different personality. To find the right model for you, one has to really study the car they desire to find the stylish quirks that resonates with them.

Let’s jump right in to adoringly uncover a Porsche a decade.


Porsche 914

If you were kicking it in the 70s and you owned a motor with pop-up headlights, then you really were as fancy as the flares on your legs. This style of lights made a statement throughout the decade, then continued to half-heartedly make appearances. Shame really, because I really like them (that’s coming from a guy who owned a 1982 Mazda MX-5 in 2013).

There’s lots of contrasting features, which is why I’m picking the Porsche 914 for my 70s drive.

Firstly, a set of round auxiliary headlights are booked between a pair of dashed indicators. I like that the car shows a kind of mean side, not giving too much away facially. Once night falls, headlights come out to play and the Porsche starts to show a softer personality.

Secondly, that sold black bumper. There’s no over application of the bumper like we see on today cars. Having this dark shade elsewhere on the Porsche also ties in with the black glass fibre-reinforced plastic from the hood - making this feature feel less lost.

You’ll find me belting out ‘If You Leave Me Now’ by Chicago X while driving this lime beauty.


Porsche 911 Turbo

Let me start by saying, 100% this 911 has to be in this delicious Chiffon White paint job. The car would complement any minimal aesthetic perfectly. Especially as the colourway follows into the interior (definitely no eating inside this one!)

With vented rear-wheel arches, this machine looks like it’s breathing even while stationary. Black detailing runs over the Porsche like stitching on a shirt, creating a truly timeless vehicle.

Now to the rear. Nothing screams 80s than taking something tasteful and turning it into a huge song and dance. That spoiler does not define subtly, yet it sits back there like it belongs. And belong it does. The modification teams itself with the black polished wheel trims and those rear vents to create the persona we see before us.

At a modest value of around £250,000 – I’ll pop this Turbo on my wish(ful) list.

…And let’s go with Prince ‘When Doves Cry’ – you know it makes sense!


Porsche 968

If we’re in the 90s then let’s pick a car that represents the decade.

This coupe looks like Back to the Future’s DeLorean. And that alone makes the 968 stand out in a traffic jam.

The bluish-purple colour on the exterior is a reminder to the vibrancy that the 90s brought. This shade was very much a part of everyday culture back then. It’s energetically soft.

The 968 is a unique model. It doesn’t feel traditional to the Porsche brand – and I think that’s why I like it. Sometimes it’s worth jumping out of a trend and making a new kind of statement.

It would be a unicorn to see this Porsche on the road, but my eyes are peeled.

Perhaps one day I’ll be the driver and you’ll hear DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ‘Summertime’ rhythmically playing through the window cracks.


Porsche Carrera GT

Imagine seeing in a new millennium behind the wheel of this beast!

You’ll believe me when I tell you that this car was initially designed to be on the race track. The chassis is extremely lightweight yet incredibly strong to withstand any racing action. And of course, this was replicated in the engine department also.

This supercar in Basalt Black demands the road it drives on. From the tip of the bonnet to the heightened spoiler on the back, your eyes are treated to a sea of soft curves and sharp lines.

This mysteriously dark body paint allows for a signature pop of colour to come from somewhere. And in this case. It’s the yellow callipers. For something so powerful with the potential to be a show-off, it holds itself so elegantly. 

It’s very rare to think of a Porsche sitting this wide and low to the ground and that’s why the Carrera GT 2005 is my choice of the decade.

With only 1270 produced, you’ve got to be pretty special to land one of these on your drive.

Missy Elliot ‘Get Ur Freak On’ is the soundtrack to this drive. In this ride… I think so!


Porsche 981 Boxster Spyder

Image Source

To truly feel the speed of a Porsche as the g-force runs through the body, I believe the roof much be down.

Hearing the engine talk back as you move in and out of gears, round corners and into different terrains.

The silver is minimal in its appearance. It compliments any black trim and feature which means as the driver, you can dress however you like. Because you know your ride is going to be your best accessory.

The Boxster Spyder’s sporty presence doesn’t distract from being a car of class. As powerful as this machine is, the 981 still feels like a ‘gentleman’s’ car. By that I mean you can wear tailoring and not look out of place.

The BOSE surround sound system will most definitely be sounding The Weeknd ‘The Hills’.


Porsche 718 Cayman

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colours, trims, tricks, bells and whistles. But for this decade, I’m sticking with something that doesn’t need much to say much.

Everything this 718 has is obviously of the highest calibre with its high-gloss this and aluminium-finish that. However, when you stare at the magnificence of this car, no-one (of any taste) would say, “It’s too fancy” or “I wouldn’t have chosen that”.

The muted Crayon exterior infuses subtly and elegance. A high-performing cloud that isn’t quite gentle and white, nor is it stormy and dark. The Crayon sits somewhere in between that appeals to many.

And that’s the beauty of owning something classic and timeless.

Most Porsche models fit perfectly into any decade. Perhaps not the choices made in this article, but without doubt this brand produces everlasting designs. That’s why I believe they will always be leaders in the motoring world and wider culture.

I’ll be smoothly cruising through the 20s without a care in the world listening to Silk Sonic ‘Leave The Door Open’.

What's your Porsche of choice?

By Nick Howard-Lanes, ManAboutStyle




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