How To Make Your Black Uniform Stylish

February 8, 2022

There are some career paths taken perhaps without the acknowledgment that a uniform comes with the occupation.

Unless you’re working in the emergency service organisation, it may not come apparent until you actually enter that industry that you’re told to dress a certain way. Yet, still not confining itself to a uniform.

It can confuse the wardrobe-hell out of most, having to dress 5 days of the week to an unwritten uniform.

There are many jobs out there that simply require ‘all black attire’… Hairdressing, barbering, boutique fashion stores all jump to mind.

Black is uncompromising and discrete. It’s easy for an employee to become a creature of habit, dressing for each workday without thought and without personality. Over time picking your blacks can become monotonous and uninspiring.

If this sounds like you, then let’s put some life back into your black outfits.

Every tip I’m about to tell you requires you to remember one thing;

“Make the creative choice, not the obvious choice.”


You can only wear one colour so use shape to your advantage. Black is the one shade you can afford to be experimental with because of its nondescript appearance.

Try wearing your usual black t-shirt with a teaming layer on-top. This could be a kimono, robe, overshirt, gilet or vest. Believe me, it won’t feel so ‘out there’ when the outfit is all black.

Try mixing up your trouser shapes in order to be a bit more creative with your work attire. Balloon, wide, tapered, loose, slim, skinny, ankle-grazer, high-waisted, there’s more choice than you think.


Use texture to alleviate an outfit. If black is the colour of choice then we need to get our kicks from another source – and fabric is this source!

Fabrics hold different weight, body and texture which in turn can create a 3-dimensional appearance that stands out. No flatness. No boringness.

Try finding pieces that tick these boxes. For instance, black denim jeans that have a wash in the fabric that creates shades of greys to offset the harsh black. Or a simpe black waffle knit jumper.


Push the boundaries and test the waters. I don’t want you getting into trouble with the boss, but what if you styled dark colourways against your blacks - Is this a ‘uniform’ pass?

Try styling deep forest green bottoms or a burgundy under-top. It won’t be an obvious show of colour as the colour value is desaturated and flatters when styling against black.

Try styling pieces that utilise a print or pattern design. Such as, a black and navy print scarf or a black and brown check trouser.


Show some individualism by accessorising your fits. These can come in the form of jewellery, hats, socks or glasses to name a few.

Try wearing pieces that act as an accent. An accent draws the eye to itself on the body. So, if you’re wearing a charcoal beanie, an on-lookers eye will move around your appearance as you’ve styled points of interest.

Accents can also come in forms of prints, trims, piping, patches etc on your fashion items purely because they’ve been designed that way.

Use these simple points to feel beyond creative in your place of work – and watch what happens from here! I guarantee you’ll feel more inspired to smash out a successful day at work.

Can’t wait to see how you improve your ‘non-uniform-uniform’!

By Nick Howard-Lanes, ManAboutStyle




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