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This free consultation  gives you the opportunity to share anything and everything with us. A friendly introduction helps us to learn about you, your concerns and you desires.
Online styling
ManAboutStyle creates your very own Personal Lookbook. You'll benefit from a professional, building a definitive style future for you to master at your own ease.

Your exclusively designed lookbook

Shopping online made simple because we've done it for you. Receiving an item that looks exactly as it did online is now possible.

This tailored service takes the hassle out of scouring the internet for what you are really looking for.

ManAboutStyle designs a Personal Lookbook for any man to use to fulfil their wardrobe t their own convenience, successfully.

online styling

Your Personal Lookbook contains photographic fashion images of available key pieces online, that will work perfectly for your intended style. These images are placed into outfit looks for absolute clarity, along with additional styling techniques noted for style precision.

Not only that, each item within your personalised digital Lookbook comes provided with a link. This takes you directly to the website for that piece with size availability.

This is an ideal service for someone who needs a seasonal wardrobe, a capsule collection, a wardrobe refill, a holiday wardrobe or something special.
Individually Designed
Style Structure
Clothing Clarity
Outfit Creations
Itemised Links
And More...

Your forever stylist

ManAboutStyle really knows you quite well at this point.

If you ever don’t have time to shop in the future, you need another seasonal shop or there’s something that bit more special…

Then we’re here for you as always.

Nick will work his stylistic magic at a special discounted rate of £75p/h.


Take the first step towards getting a style that cries for superior attention that will forecast future positivity by booking your FREE consultation today.
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ATTRACT ATTENTION …and have them begging for more!

We have compiled the most foolproof fashion techniques to make any man feel visible in moments when success is the only option.

Trusted by
the greats

  • Nick’s attention enables him to pick items that not only suit what you look like, but who you are. I have used ManAboutStyle three times now because it’s the professional service I like, as well as the needed boost I receive while being with him.
    Pano Masti
    Actor & Performer
  • A fantastic experience! Nick has transformed my wardrobe and I am genuinely excited about going out now. All the clothes work with each other and the education I received has made styling and buying far far easier. Nick pushed me to try new pieces that I wouldn’t have even thought about before. I still look like me, but better. I feel more confident when I go out and it shows, I’ve had so many compliments from friends and family when we’ve gone out. Nick is a great guy who puts you at ease and the entire experience was thoroughly enjoyable, it is possible to spend all day shopping and have a blast!
    Simon Garber
    Director, 2020 Financial
  • Before my session with Nick I was lacking a defined style and my wardrobe was a total shambles. I needed to look sharp for work so approached ManAboutStyle to help me. I am now totally self-sufficient when it comes to shopping and feel much more confident in my new attire. This is why I would strongly recommend Nick to anyone who wants to improve their own personal style and look their best at all times.
    Benjamin Daly
    Dating Coach, #1 Best-Selling Author
  • Nick managed to take me out of my comfort zone while making me feel at ease. I felt assured at all times that I was in the hands of a true professional. That trust has now given me a fashionable new look as a performer.
    Kevin Simm
    Singer, Performer
  • Nick manages to use classic pieces as well as current trends which in the long run has saved me time and money. I never need to completely ditch my old wardrobe! I would and I have 100% recommend Nick’s services for styling. As well as using a top personal service, it is an education too for me to go away and master subsequent shopping trips on my own.
    Darren James
    DJ, Producer
  • Nick has an expert eye for fashion and style and is truly a master at what he does. What I was most impressed about was his ability to tailor to my preferred style, tastes and needs – working with someone who actually listens and adjusts. On top of that he is a simply cool guy with a playful energy and is a lot of fun to spend time with – cannot recommend him highly enough!
    James Tusk
    Elite Dating Coach
  • It was a pleasure to work with Nick finding an outfit for a wedding. Not only did he find me an amazing outfit - which received so many compliments – he also went out of his way to show me day-to-day clothes that suited me. He helped me to understand colours and style that worked for me. Nick is very easy to talk to and that helped massively going around the shops. He puts together outfits that he tailors to your exact style.
    Ben Howell
    Howell Roofing Services
  • Nick always knew how to style me based on the music I represent, I always loved the outfits he created, truly opening my mind to a world of styling. He always made me feel at ease and made me laugh. Top bloke.
    Stevie McCorie
    Singer, Musician


Imagine walking into a meeting and before you’ve even managed to sit down and take a sip of coffee, the attention is focused on you.

Your outer shell is elegantly tailored with a touch of classic modernism.

Not only that, you have gone against the fashion grain in the office. Most male colleagues around the table have forgotten about the finer details in their attire. They all look like clones of themselves.

You however, have tactically utilised a ‘Showstopper’ to cause intrigue and draw visible attentiveness to you and therefore what you have to say.

You’re new found presence has changed your demeaner, the way you command conversations, the way you carry yourself.

In return, you’re working harder than ever. You and your hard work are highly noticed and you get that promotion and bonus you quite deservedly wanted.

Within your FREE eBook 10 Confidential Styling Secrets To Attract Attention…and have them begging for more! you’ll receive many more techniques and approaches to building the life you greatly desire.

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