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Accepting Opinions From Minions

Updated: May 12, 2023

Let’s clear this up for those in the back. We’re going to use a thread of negative social media trolls in this week’s post. Their comments are actually nice examples for me to continue to share my value to the wooorld (so thanks trolls!)

Let me clarify a few things first. This isn’t a ‘f*ck you’ post. The comments affect me 0%. Like a fart in the wind… It arrives, stinks, and disappears seconds later. These comments highlight the message ManAboutStyle is always sharing… AUTHENTICITY (among other things, like, mental health)

We will never change opinions, and we shouldn’t want someone to join our certain way of thinking either. That’s what makes life and people interesting, right? But what can change is how we make our opinions.

Opinions come broad or narrow. Minds come open or closed.

With lifestyle and fashion, the first options work best. Styling should be for yourself. Styling should not be opinion-based. Both the wearer and the watcher need to be broad and open.

People fascinate me, which is why you'll never find me debating because I get more enjoyment trying to understand someone's views. At the end of the day, something has happened in their lives for that view to be created. Was it a way of life growing up, or did an event take place which forged the outlook? Like I said, fascinating.

So, BROADLY speaking, let's OPENLY talk about the problem at hand. Men often find themselves trapped in societal expectations, compromising their authenticity for conformity. We’re human, we've all been there. Feeling the pressure to fit into a specific mold. Such as, only believing what the fellas on-site say. Soaking in every ‘true’ word your mate is telling you. Not wearing that branded tee because it’s not popular. This, only sacrifices who you truly are - for what? The sake of fitting in?

Real-life situation example A: Picture this. You're attending a formal event, and everyone around you is dressed in the same old black suits, white shirt and black bow tie. It's like a deep sea of monochrome. But deep down you want to express your unique personality. You want to stand out, be remembered, and leave a lasting thought in someone’s mind. So, instead you opt for a contemporary suit cut. The blazer jacket has an exaggerated lapel size, the lining is colorfully printed, and there’s shiny silver embellishment on the pockets.

Real-life situation example B: Imagine going on a date. You're nervous, trying to make a good impression. You could wear the generic outfit you think your date wants to see, but where's the honesty in that? By embracing your authenticity and using style as a tool, you dress in a way that truly represents who you are. Showing your date your confidence, and ability to own who you are. Your outfit becomes a conversation starter and valuable insight into your lovable personality.

Everyone has an opinion. We shouldn’t live a life trying to agree with everyone. And we shouldn’t live a life trying to receive agreement from everyone. It’s hard work and not to mention, impossible. If you do try to please people’s opinions? You’ll end up circling your own beliefs and lose sight of your own authenticity.

Once you truly love and believe in number one (you), there is an acceptance in all opinions that end up on your lap. You begin to see the other side of the coin. Therefore, instead of thinking personally, you're thinking with empathy.

Remember, a lifestyle is about expressing who you are. Not conforming to someone else's standards. When you wear that oversized fedora hat, when you get your feet tattooed (lol), when you put on loafers without socks (double lol), you not only feel more comfortable in your own skin, but also inspire others to do the same.

Create those sweet feelings for yourself. You'll be surprised how comfort is found in yourself, not in others' agreement. Embrace the power of fashion to unleash your authenticity and celebrate the unique individual that you are.

Have a sweet day.


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