The Key 'Emotional' Skills To Use This Year

January 1, 2022

Can you believe it? It’s that time already. When your socials become flooded with self-made motivational speakers sharing about how they’re going to be the fittest, most active, well-travelled person you’re going to follow this coming year. All being said while finishing off the last of the turkey trimmings and handfuls of unwanted Quality Streets that “simply must go” because “it’ll be a waste otherwise”.

I’m going to call it early doors… It’s not going to happen.

No doubt we subconsciously spread this energy to the masses because if we say it out loud we become liable for our actions and that'll change us into becoming the ‘idea’ we envision.

“New Year, New Me” is like wishing to win a £million on a scratch card, training for 25 marathons in 25 days, or wishing David Beckham will play for Manchester United again to save their embarrassing season.

None of which are impossible. It just takes more than an ‘idea’ to make possible. It takes the following emotional skills;


Weakness, self-doubt, and people. These are my biggest fights when I strive to achieve something out of reach. If you can beat these, I’ll go as far as saying you’ve already won. Despite the result.

Weakness pins, self-doubt crushes and people distract.

Our mind and body isn’t going to behave like a Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Instagram post. I bet even Dwayne’s mind and body doesn’t agree with these posts at times.

But as long as you have this next emotional skill, you’ll have great discipline…


You show up. Consistently. Ready to take any kind of step, big or small, to achieving the end goal. 

No matter what internal or external difficulties come your way (because there’s going to be a lot of them!) You’re already on the mark, ready to knock any struggles out the park.

Now you’re there in the moment, the next emotional skill needed is…


Words need action otherwise it’s just an idea. We know that. But you’ll be surprised the amount of people that enjoy the dream rather than the reality. Life is much easier that way. But easy doesn’t lead us to the incredible reward of self-success.

“Just do it” wasn’t just some thought up slogan from Nike in the late 80s while chewing on a Big Mac. They are words truly felt and believed. They are ingrained in our psyche when motivation would be greatly received.

So, just do it. Because you only have this next emotional skill to answer for…


We can only rely on ourselves. No-one can want this achievement more than the individual pursuing it.

Encouragement from others lifts us just momentarily. Think of encouragement like a boost you get on Mario Karts. A power enhancement we needed to get ahead but soon enough we run out of steam to continue at our original pace.

Be your own power and hold yourself accountable for your actions.

…As I’m writing this I’ve felt more and more empowered. So, thank you! Apologies if this has felt like an episode of ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ - it’s where we’ve ended up and I’ll feel great about it - I hope you do too!

Go away with this in mind for the Year ahead.

We should…

never want to change.

never compare ourselves.

never wish to be something we are not.

We should…

always want to improve.

always push the boundaries.

always self-care.

Here’s to this being the year you focus on number 1, you.

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By Nick Howard-Lanes, ManAboutStyle

Photo by Jack Sharp




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