What To Wear At Wimbledon Tennis

July 1, 2022

The Championships are notorious for more than just nail-biting tennis. This quintessential event is quintessentially British. Eating strawberries and cream with a glass of Pimm’s in the opulent area of Wimbledon. Sounds pretty divine, right?

To complement this aesthetic there’s one very important feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. And that’s Fashion.

Whether an attendee is in the royal box or within the grounds, it’s nice to feel stylishly harmonised amongst the flowered and green surroundings for this prestigious event.

Before we continue, I will say. Just because an occasion may require a more refined dress code, that doesn’t mean you have to dress like someone else. Particularly if a sartorial style isn’t to your taste usually. Instead, take the dress code and do an interpretation of what that means to you. I’m here as a guide, not a lecture.

Be you, always.

A glorious day at the tennis requires a bit of walking and a lot of sitting. It all depends on how matches you want to catch. This means two things are to be considered; Class & Comfort.

Natural lightweight fabrics such as linen will be a breathable best friend. This can be a blend or the full composition. Either way, you’ll have a casual sartorial look that will appear authentic for the occasion.

Such as a Mango and Reiss trouser; classy, tailored and nonchalant.

Natural tones will portray a humble and tasteful vision. Use of colour is appropriate of course. However, keeping clear of the vibrant and fluorescent colourways. The reason being the crowds are intimate and the show takes place down on court. It would be like going to a summer wedding wearing the brightest Hawaiian shirt, completely stealing the show for the main event and spectators alike.

Just like Sandro with their sandy dropped-notch lapel blazer, and Sunspel with their neutral patch-pocket ribbed cardigan.

A smart shoe with added comfort can be difficult to find for most. But the key features to what makes a foot feel like it’s walking on clouds is, firstly, what material is used. Suede, canvas, leather, woven leather? Secondly, material coverage. It the shoe high, mid, low or open? And lastly, the soul. It must be some form of supportive rubber, so no wood or very thin flat soles. Nothing worse than a blister ruining a perfectly good day.

Take a look at G.H.Bass & Co. for reasonably priced footwear that doesn’t compromise on style or quality. In addition to Russell & Bromley.

Be interesting in your appearance. Don’t opt for a standard white oxford shirt and navy chinos. Show some tasteful colour, subtle pattern or soft print through your pieces. Perhaps it’s a pocket square from Brunello Cucinelli or fedora hat from Frescolbol Carioca to seal an outfits deal. The nature of the day requires some personal flare. Especially having witnessed serves of continuous talent all day.

A shirt from Eton Shirts boasts a study cutaway collar for a formal look but wavy fabric adds a more effortless aesthetic.

Sunglasses are the essential piece to pulling off a trophy winning Wimbledon attire. Anyone could be a star at the tennis, it’s filled with them. And that includes you. Dress to how you deserve to feel. Plus, they’re practical. Occasionally the sun does like to show face in this country so best to always be prepared with an attractive pair.

Tods and Garrett Leight will always have your face well-dressed. With acetate frames for a solid feel while allowing extra detail to be added to an overall look.

And here are your looks... Which is your favourite?

By Nick Howard-Lanes, ManAboutStyle




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