Nick Howard-Lanes is a master in styling, the creator of ManAboutStyle and on a mission to teach men of the world the power of styling to create the life you’re meant to live.
Starting a career in an energetic media industry working alongside actors, artists, personalities and musicians in film, television and commercial, there was a lot to take in, learn and soon to realise… stand out.

Many stories have been written from grafting hard within this chapter of his life (I’m sure he’ll share one or two with you on your session together!) Besides the stories and the incredible opportunities, Nick knew there was something missing.

He wanted to go much deeper with the people he was dressing.

The enjoyment of fashion and costume came from the powerful feeling that would burst from the client once styled with purpose. There was more to it than just creating a successful product for media.

Witnessing feelings of overwhelming confidence and impactful shifts on a positive level, it become clear that this strength needed to be spread.

ManAboutStyle was born.

A Personal Stylist who is for the everyman. Teaching all men of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds how to style themselves with success, for success.
Right now, 
you can become a ManAboutStyle and watch your deepest dreams transpire and your darkest fears fade.
How the outer shell sits, fits, looks and portrays noticeably affects our inner self. Nick profoundly started to develop methods and strategies through fashion styling to realise the changes that would confidently happen before him.

These tried and tested tips have been discovered to help those who need it most. No secrets are left behind.

We are all different and great individually. It’s not one rule for all. Nick works with you on a personal level to give you the best styling service you deserve.

With a buzz for creativity, a passion for people and a sweet-spot for style, ManAboutStyle is here.
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