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Are You Lost?

Stop me when I’m wrong, okay? Your wardrobe is hoarding the following; a suit that only remembers the good old days, athleticwear that’s seen sunnier days, underwear that’s had happier days, designer items that are now seen as regrettable days…

Your wardrobe, like most of us, overflows itself with years and years’ worth of nostalgia. Some memorable times, other times you’d would rather forget. This mix of jumbled up clothing and the styles they carry are causing you to become lost. Not literally, but physically. Losing sight of who you are, what you want to be, and how you want to be seen. Ultimately, your Personal Identity is gone.

I'm Nick, a Personal Stylist, and helping people rediscover a forgotten Personal Identity is what I do best. I say “best” because I like to go around all the houses before taking a look inside (metaphorically speaking of course!) Sometimes before tackling the obvious problem, in this case ‘fashion’, the most successful reward comes when combining other solutions also… And it’s these ‘other’ solutions we’re going to look at.

Firstly, what actually is Personal Identity? It’s the thing that makes every individual unique and distinct from one another, placing each of us comfortably and knowingly in the world.

Looking at three of the most popular characteristics which define us and will help discover an authentic Personal Identity;

1. Motivate your Passions: Do you love to practice yoga? Perhaps painting canvas is your thing? Or birdwatching in the great outdoors? Whatever your hobbies and interests may be, they are a strong source of inspiration for your style. Take cues from the serene and calming atmosphere of a yoga studio, the creative freedom of a brush stroke, or the colours and textures within nature.

It’s important you actively pursue your passions regularly. They contribute to your identity, which in turn, makes you happy when fulfilled. Inhabiting your authentic interests makes you feel more connected to yourself.

2. Evaluate your Values: We all have personal values that define us, it may well be ‘gratitude’ for life’s small things, ‘patience’ with time to enjoy the process, or ‘empathy’ for those around you. Appraising your values strengths will guide authentic behaviour, and coincidently, your style.

For example, if you value simplicity and sustainability, try investing in quality fabrics for a long-lasting and healthy wardrobe. If you value creativity and individuality, experiment with complimentary prints, colours and patterns to reflect this. By aligning your values with your style, you'll feel more confident in being your authentic Personal Identity.

3. Reflect your Personality: Your style is an extension of who you are, so it's important to showcase your personality through your clothing. Are you a funny, humourous person? Then you may want to play with bright hues. Are you an easy-going individual? Perhaps it’s relaxed fits which may suit you best.

Emphasising your personality qualities, rather than brushing them aside or pretending to be something else, is important for discovering a lost identity. You’re highlighting a true reflection of yourself, which will showcase naturally through your sense of fashion, which will then… create a confidently content you.

Personal Identities are easily lost as we age, experience and evolve our way through life.

A way of maintaining this true sense of self, is by embracing your unique passions, values and personality. As a result, expressing them through style.

By following these three steps - motivating your passions, evaluating your values, and reflecting your personality - you'll be on your way to creating a wardrobe that truly represents who you are. So, go ahead and rediscover your Personal Identity without influence. Become that one-of-a-kind you. And if you need an extra hand for that… you know where to find me…


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