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When Your Outfit Falls Flat Like A Pancake

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Do you ever get the feeling that your outfit is looking a little flat? Like it's missing something special? That je ne sais quoi! Well, let me tell you, it's not because your style isn’t trend-led. Nor is it because you have nothing to wear in your wardrobe. In fact, it’s all about sensory fusion.

As a Stylist and Designer, I know that to create an outstanding look, attention must be made to the many details that are to be styled together.

For us as self-stylists, sensory fusion is the art of mixing both visual and tactile elements into our outfits. This means visually we can combine colors, patterns and shapes to hold the attention of an eye. As well as using fabrics of a tactile nature through texture, weight and thickness.

When these elements are used with intention, we create an outfit that is captivating and memorable.

So, how do you create a captivating sensory fusion in an outfit? By simply mix-and-matching three, four or more of the previously mentioned elements;

colours, patterns and shapes; with texture, weight and thickness.

The contrast in sensory information is what creates the intrigue; for instance,

Houndtooth print with solid colour.

Bouclé wool with silk.

Tight top with wide bottoms.

When a look is complimentary contrasting, it’s the wearers use of imagination and creativity that inspires someone to look ‘stylish.’ Most of the time onlookers can’t quite comprehend why it is you look so good... But what they do know, is that it’s working!

You should experiment while remaining true to your authentic style. You’ll be surprised, most wardrobes are filled with a variety of elements that can be styled successfully together.

Sensory fusion is not just about making your outfit look and feel sweet. It also helps to create a look with a lasting impression. Remember a time when you were out. You locked eyes on an outfit that really stood out to you. What does that look like? Chances are, the outfit held a mix of sensory elements that worked wonders for your inspiration.

Perhaps it was the way the blue silky shirt hung loosely on the body, like a tropical waterfall encouraging you to touch. Or the ecru coloured puffy woolen jacket, that resembled a fluffy cloud you want to hug. However our brain transcribes this information, the creative and impactful impression left behind is undeniable.

Next time you're putting together an outfit, remember to authentically and complimentary style pieces that play to our senses; visual and tactile. Don't be afraid to mix-and-match elements. Remember it’s okay to try before leaving the house! Have fun with it.

Your outfit doesn't have to be dull and boring or styling yourself “by the book”. With thought behind sensory fusion, you can create an outfit that not only looks great but feels sweet too. So, let's create looks that turn multiple heads and leaves lasting impressions.

Need a pro to sort your style? Give me a shout – happy to help!


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