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How To Inspire What's Inside My Wardrobe

There’s one thing we all have in common when it comes to our wardrobe! No matter your styling ability, and no matter your fashion interest.

It’s highly likely you look into your wardrobe sometimes and feel unimaginative and uninspired with what you’re looking at inside. I do and I’m a Stylist!

There are two main causes as to why these feelings of doubt and confusion kick in when all we want to do is leave the house and have a sweet day…

A. Have too much

B. Have too little

A. Have too much | We buy clothing that we were once attracted to, that felt amazing, that marked a moment in time. As time has gone by, we are left blessed with an overfilled wardrobe of many styles and many memories. Wonderful as this may sound, it actually creates confusion when it comes to dressing. Ever heard of the saying “too much of a good thing”? That goes for having a lot of options in a wardrobe also.

B. Have too little | Clothes cost money. Of course. We also have other priorities in life, such as paying bills, hobbies and socialising. To style successfully from a wardrobe there doesn’t need to be endless choice from a brands current collection. There simply needs to be essential items (at the very least) with these essentials remaining well within a personal budget. Consider weighting up current list of priorities. Is the anxious stress of getting ready impacting how you feel, behave, talk throughout the remainder of your day? Then perhaps a forever essential item of clothing holds priory over a one-time juicy burger. Perhaps!

*Essential items are key pieces of clothing that can be effortlessly teamed and styled in multiple ways with other pieces – they live forever in the wardrobe as they are not trend-led.

But in today’s blog, we’re look at point A only. Because to get to point B (shopping for clothing) we must first battle what’s already horrifically happening in our wardrobe space. Otherwise round and around in circles we go.

Now, stop buying! …and do a Wardrobe Review.

To be wholly honest with you, I’ve already written a chapter for a potential future book on how to precisely and successfully complete a Wardrobe Review. For now, you’ll get the straight and very much simplified version. A nice taster let’s say.

What are the benefits of a Wardrobe Review?

Firstly, it creates clothing clarity. You finally get to visualise exactly what you have in your locker. What tools you own to build a sweet outfit for any occasion.

Secondly, it’s a process of personal discovery. You’re dealing with items that hold powerful nostalgia, both good and bad. You’re learning what makes you feel sweet, and what makes you feel shit. Believe me, it’s a rejuvenating experience as well as a methodical one.

Lastly, it future-proofs your style. A wardrobe review is the solid groundwork to everything you buy and build on top of. It makes life streamlined and stress-free because clothing isn’t something to worry about. What you wear moving forward is everything you’ve ever wanted it to be.

How do you perform a Wardrobe Review?

1. Take out | To prevent feeling overwhelmed, causing a distraction and just making a mess, it’s important to take out one item from your wardrobe, only. Do this in order of clothing categories. You may start with Trousers, then T-Shirts, Shirts, Jackets and so on. Again, this creates order and a sense of comparison when undergoing the next stage…

2. Try on | Wear this item properly. Do up the buttons as it should. We’re looking for an accurate sense of style when undergoing the next stage…

3. How sweet does it make you feel? | Look in the mirror, feel the fabric on the body, play with the piece you’re wearing. You know deep down in yourself whether it stirs feelings of positivity, sex appeal, or charm. Clothing encourages such strong emotions and I want you to recognise them when undergoing the next stage…

4. Create a Resell, Repurpose or Keep pile | Answer your findings by placing the item either in a Resell pile to be sold on or given to charity. Or in a Repurpose pile to be altered and changed to inspire better feelings and preferred style when worn. Or in a Keep pile which will be hung or folded neatly to go back in the wardrobe in an orderly fashion… because preparation and presentation is vital for when dressing yourself successfully.

5. Now repeat | with every single item you own.

I should say, these steps don’t feel like a chore. More so like a self-care routine. A method that cleanses a person who gets layered up with everything that comes with ‘life’ over time.

Complete a Wardrobe Review first before trying to buy your way into a new wardrobe. You’ll be amazed at the amount of clients I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with, that have come away feeling like they’ve been renewed… and not one new item was brought, until undergoing the next stage… shopping for clothing!

If you need me for your styling needs, you know where to find me @manaboutstyle.nick

Have a sweet day.


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